Inclusion & Diversity
With more than 57,000 individuals employed by FIS, we share offices with a unique combination of geography, age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, ability, language, culture, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, thinking styles, education, work history, socio-economic status, and life experiences.  Our diverse employee base helps us use our collective strengths to innovate and deliver the best products and solutions for our clients.  By providing an inclusive employee experience where everyone's views count, FIS empowers our employees to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Our Philosophy
We attract, engage and cultivate people who can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business and technology space.  With career development tools, resources and opportunities, we're committed to helping our people learn, grow and excel with rewarding careers.

FIS has a very contemporary and global view on inclusion and diversity.  We believe diversity encompasses all the differences that make people unique. It's these differences that inform the way each of us interpret and negotiates the world, and how each of us thinks and approaches problems. Inclusion, on the other hand, is about creating the right environment to unlock the power of diversity.  When we think of inclusion at FIS, we think of behaviors that signal that diversity is welcome and that no one is to be discounted or diminished because of their differences.  It's about fairness, equal opportunity, respect and trust.  Inclusion is embedded in FIS' core values and in our views on corporate responsibility.

Our Strategy, Accountability and Monitoring 
At FIS, we believe fostering and cultivating an inclusive and diverse workforce is the responsibility of all our employees. This commitment starts at the very top of our organization with our most senior leaders. From our CEO, Chairman and President, Gary Norcross, who is a signatory of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™  to our Chief People Officer, Denise Williams, who speaks out the importance of diversity in our industries, our senior leaders are united in championing inclusion and diversity within our workplace, our marketplace and within our local communities.

Under the guidance of our Global Director of Inclusion & Diversity, we achieve this through systematic and consistent consideration of equality and diversity within FIS planning, including but not limited to our hiring, developmental, remuneration, promotion, transfer, engagement and retention efforts. We regularly review our metrics on the demographics and experiences of our colleagues with respect to these efforts and report them to our senior  leadership and Board on an ongoing basis. We further use this information to inform, refine, and drive our inclusion and diversity programs and initiatives to attract, develop, and retain an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Our Inclusion Networks
Inclusion Networks are company-sponsored, colleague-led communities of empowered and determined colleagues who share common interests, backgrounds, or experiences. They are committed to supporting the pursuit of excellence of their respective members while positively impacting FIS, our clients, the FinTech industry and the communities where we serve, live, and work. Further, these groups work in concert with our global Inclusion & Diversity vision to promote the company’s overall mission, goals, and values by focusing on activities and initiatives that foster a visibly inclusive work environment. 

Currently, we have inclusion networks that are connected around areas such as gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, working families, and early career – with new groups continuing to emerge and form across the company. Inclusion Networks are open to all colleagues who are interested in participating.  

Our inclusion networks provide opportunities for our colleagues to:

  • Champion inclusion and diversity
  • Help attract top talent
  • Shape our culture
  • Connect and support each other
  • Develop power skills
  • Serve as leaders
  • Drive innovation and collaboration
  • Engage with our clients and partners
  • Support and serve our communities
Supplier Diversity
FIS believes in offering equal opportunity to suppliers based on their individual merits.  We maintain methods to track and report supplier diversity information. 

FIS is committed to fostering a culture that embodies the diversity of all our people around the world and encouraging respect for individual differences, fairness and equality of opportunity.   
     Our Partners &
Just as FIS' products and solutions lead the industry, we aim for our inclusion and diversity practices to do the same.  We are proud to be named one of the "Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality" by the Human Rights Campaign and to partner with organizations like CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and Hirepurpose to deliver on our commitments.  We endeavor to continuously improve every year, to go further and be a model of inclusion in an evolving world.  
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