Finding opportunities to improve every day

“Change is the end result of all true learning,” a quote by writer Leo Buscaglia, has defined Vilma Cueto-Dourson’s career. As a product process trainer on the Learning Solutions team, Vilma has spent 10 years at FIS harnessing the power of knowledge. Her team lives the FIS value of Win as One Team by communicating, collaborating and strategically partnering across teams to create mindful and comprehensive learning experiences. By delivering new learning practices, leveraging expertise and utilizing innovative and evolving technologies, Vilma equips clients with the necessary knowledge of products and tools to help them thrive, drive efficiency and continue to grow.

She has expanded her own knowledge through FIS-sponsored trainings and workshops as well as relevant industry certifications. Taking advantage of the company’s tuition assistance program, Vilma recently earned a master’s in business administration. She credits her mentors and leaders for guiding her through change and encouraging her to grow personally and professionally.
Vilma also collaborated in the creation of FIS Adelante, one of 11 inclusion networks, and serves as the network’s programming lead. Their mission, she says, is to promote a global inclusive culture where Hispanic & Latinx colleagues and allies thrive to achieve their full potential.

In her free time, Vilma enjoys traveling, enjoying cultural and culinary experiences. Learning about other cultures, she says, helps us to understand what we have in common as humans.

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