Going beyond to uplift and inspire

For more than twelve years, Pratiksha Jha has found opportunities to enhance her technical skills and overall development at FIS. Through these opportunities, she feels more confident to take on new challenges and quickly achieve high results. From starting as a project lead to becoming the senior IT architect, programs like Grow Your Own Career, Performance365 and LEAD have helped steer Pratiksha’s career and improve her networking and leadership skills.

“It feels very simple for me to create an impact,” Pratiksha explains. In her current role, she identifies opportunities for quality improvement, creates a measure plan and ensures implementation success. Her overall goal is to help businesses in TechDev banking improve client experiences through quality deliverables.

But FIS isn’t only adding value through high-tech solutions. Pratiksha is inspired by the FIS impact on the world through team members and leaders devoting time, talent and resources to the communities we live and work in. Through FIS, Pratiksha has worked with underprivileged kids to teach them basic computer literacy and see the learning spirit thrive among the children. She’s encouraged to uplift humankind alongside FIS because everything we do supports bringing value to our colleagues, clients and community – that’s FIS. 

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