Staying ahead of fast-moving technology

As the financial industry evolves, Min Tze Chan is committing to evolving alongside it. In her role as senior product analyst, she strives to make a meaningful impact by exploring and implementing innovative solutions enabled by modern technologies. But keeping up with such a fast-moving industry requires curiosity and dedication to continued learning.

Min Tze takes advantage of training programs and workshops offered by FIS to learn more about her field and improve her skills. Cross-functional collaborative learning opportunities have helped her not only expand her understanding of FIS’ business, but also build strong relationships and networks within the organization. Additionally, she receives support and employee development tools from her managers, including mentorship, coaching and encouragement to pursue relevant certifications. FIS understands the importance of career progression and encourages employees to explore various career paths within the organization, Min Tze says.

She also spends her time raising awareness by sharing knowledge and insights with the FIS community. Her team has created crypto and digital assets trainings for FIS employees to identify opportunities to help prospects and clients. Min Tze is active in the Asian & Pacific Islander Inclusion network – one of 11 inclusion diversity networks at FIS – cultivating an atmosphere of boldness by encouraging their 500+ members to share innovative ideas, challenge the status quo and drive positive change.
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