Inspiring boldness for FIS colleauges and customers

Mat Everitt joined FIS nearly four and half years ago as the vice president of strategic sales, and today he’s the vice president of EMEA business development. Mat’s role is to connect new customers with innovative FIS solutions. Within his team, his role is to secure results today and develop his team’s resources to deliver tomorrow’s results too. With this mindset, he’s challenged daily to balance his time between team performance and team growth.

Mat’s team spends their time working on two bold angles – internally with colleagues and externally with customers. Customer-wise, they work a sales cycle where they promote bold payment solutions. For his colleagues, Mat and his team challenge internal processes and find ways to implement bold FIS solutions to remove roadblocks and accelerate internal growth.
Living by the quote, “always ask one more question,” Mat is inspired by his conversations with clients. He shared that they always have answers we need for improvement – what’s working, how we can improve and what’s in store for the future. By not being afraid to ask just one more question, we can make a real difference for our customers.

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