Finding your space to make a real impact

For Eva Helmich, Senior Sales Manager for sell-side sales, making an impact is all about improving and progressing. The process can be significant or little steps – but it’s always helping to move forward and never back. She carries this mantra throughout her workday and in her spare time, as her favorite hobby is hacking with her horse in the woods, leaping over obstacles and logs.

Yet, making an impact isn’t just about individual achievement either. Eva says it’s about working together as a team to move FIS forward. Being a good team player is essential to driving impact, whether you’re offering help when someone is struggling or celebrating collective successes.

Eva has focused on developing a community of engaged and empowered women, both within FIS Capital Markets and the broader fintech industry. For the last three years, she has led the European diversity and inclusion program, FIS Women in Sales.

Another way Eva makes an impact is by understanding and identifying potential pain points and strengths in the client experience. By having these conversations with customers, they realize that their opinions matter, and we can build on that trust and confidence. When FIS and customers work together, we can make a positive impact.

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