When opportunity presents itself...go for it! 

Admittedly, Chetan Sanghi knew nothing about payments when he started working at FIS eleven years ago. However, when an opportunity to learn presents itself, Chetan says he presents himself to those opportunities. Chetan started as a project manager and today is the senior IT architecture manager. He credits his successful career journey to being blessed with leaders, managers and teams who’ve presented him with opportunities to explore and grow. 

From building solutions to make a better experience for FIS clients to developing automated solutions for application and infrastructure and exploring the new possibilities of alternative payments, Chetan has had a significant hand in delivering bold solutions for FIS customers.
Beyond the desk, Chetan drives impact alongside FIS by creating initiatives to help his community, including the Society for Deaf and Speech Impaired, underfunded schools and a senior citizen home, genuinely representing the FIS value to Be the Change.

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