Championing Inclusion and Innovation at FIS

“Win as one team” is a value that Braelyn DeRocher and FIS both hold near and dear. As a Senior Program Manager of Technology Development, as well as an Operations Lead for inclusion and diversity networks, Braelyn has demonstrated his passion and dedication to fostering a culture of inclusion and innovation at FIS.

TechDev is bringing innovative, leading-edge development of technology to our clients, consumers, and employees across the globe, all while focusing on culture and top leading performers in our industry. As a Program Manager of these initiatives, Braelyn has augmented these developments through organizational cultural change, project implementations, and organization. His natural curiosity and willingness to speak up in conversations with all levels of management, stakeholders, and clients has led to deeper conversations, faster acceleration, and encouraged others to think about issues from different perspectives.

As the Operations Lead for the Pride Network at FIS, Braelyn recognizes that happier and engaged colleagues lead to better client experience and deliverables. He has assisted with policy change for the LGBTQ+ community making it safer and easier for our employees to receive the healthcare, visibility, and community they need to feel optimized within the walls of their work. 

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