Unlocking potential and challenging the status quo

Mae Jemison’s famous quote, “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination,” is a mantra that guides Alex Morgan-Moodie every day and inspires him to pursue the FIS value to Win as One Team throughout his workday. To Alex, this FIS core value means collaborating as a team, supporting the growth and development of those who report to you, and being challenged and encouraged to develop your own skills. These are all a part of daily life at FIS.

From where he began as strategy director for the digital and gaming vertical to where he is today as the senior director of vertical growth, Alex has spent his two and a half years with FIS working to shape priorities and identify growth opportunities for the business and support the commercial teams in delivering them. Along the way, he’s been lucky enough to be mentored by a senior executive who supports his development. With this foundation, Alex has now become a mentor to two colleagues in earlier stages of their career development.

Looking to the future, Alex and his team are encouraged by the FIS commitment to delivering bold solutions – they’re always challenged to develop new ways to understand and reach customers. With this mindset, they are empowered to challenge the status quo in a rewarding atmosphere.

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